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Nov 21, 2009 7:00am EST
towards is a multi-racial america. if you look at the compensation and the rainbow or the gumbo or the mosaic of america, the 2010 census is critically important. is going show an ever-changing picture towards a nation that, by the time we get to 2045 or 2050, won't have a majority ethnic group. that is a fundamental reality, that that is this course and that is the path that we are on as a nation. so, i don't think we... we have to be concerned. and i think reverend jackson addressed this, about the twisting of the youth -- several other speakers did -- the twisting of the use of the word race where people say you are playing the race card and raising racial issues, it is racial injustice and racial dis parties we have to seek, to address, and to correct, and i think we have an obligation as a nation, because if we don't address it, the past and the future, is fraught with even more difficulty. imagine that in ten short years, by 2020, half -- half -- of the high school graduating seniors in america will be black, they'll be latino, or they'll be asian-pacific island. half. and th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1